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If I have a live seminar going, you will see it in a box below this line.  Otherwise go below to download recorded seminars.

Free recorded seminars

right click and download – you may hear the presentation for a minute or two before the video kicks in.

If your computer says you need the “codec”, load it free here.

The WORST resume mistakes for breaking into a new career

4 Secrets to getting a MUCH better job

Resume Butchering – live resume makeover

Your resume reeks worse than an outhouse

These seminars can change your search, and your life – Guaranteed

Thanks, these webinars are GREAT.

I am watching, and rewatching the resume building webinars. I have come to the conclusion that my resume is crap. I am using your hints and rewriting.

I’ll send an updated one to you after a satisfactory rewrite is completed. (Bruce)

The difference between being trained by a professional, and being trained by amateurs is the difference between hot water and steam.  Here’s what I mean.  Do you want to be seen as a winner, or as one more resume?

Bryan Dilts

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